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Getting out and seeing the world has just got easier

Exploring old or new surroundings helps us to unwind and rediscover what we can on occasion take for granted. Exploring them with your children opens our eyes to even more detail than you have ever seen before, pointing out the ducks swimming, a funny cloud or even the way the air smells. Remembering the beauty that we once saw with new eyes and that we have somehow forgotten. Walking with your child is such a gift to you both as you can be immersed in each other’s worlds and just bob along in your safe little bubble. All the while getting gentle exercise to boost your mood and fitness.

Dusting off the cobwebs of my walking boots and grabbing my trusty carrier on my recent trip to Lands’ End I was reminded of all this. Together we walked the short costal path, climbing over rocks, hopping over streams and just admiring the amazing English coast line, my little girl shouting and laughing all the way. I love hearing her chatter away telling me all about what she can see in her own little way, she is so excited by everything.

In Rosie Knowles’ book “why baby wearing matters” she talks about how enhanced interactions with a child’s care giver will benefit the child’s speech and communication. Carrying in arms or in a carrier allows that improved social interactions as the child really can become a part of your day to day life and experiences. It becomes a very natural thing to talk to your child more when they are closer to you, this may be explaining what you can both see, singing or just chatting in general.

Being held in close proximity gives baby the chance to begin focusing in faces and hearing encouraging speech sounds, which stimulates the desire to mimic and see the positive reinforcement of such attempts. – Dr Rosie Knowles – Why Babywearing Matters

On our return trip all the excitement of the day caught up and sleep got the better of her. Walking with her gentle snoring on my back still bought an element of magic to the already glorious coastline and gave me time for personal reflection.

The simple act of walking has many benefits for the carrier as well as the child, walking lowers your stress levels, boosts your immune system, reduces your risk of heart disease and diabetes as well as boosting your fitness levels. Getting out and about is so important for the care provider and the child for many aspects of your physical and mental health. Even more importantly it is FREE to do and you can do it anytime anywhere, there is always something the other side of your door.

Did you know that everyday walking is good for you? It doesn't have to be hours slogging around in the middle of nowhere; any brisk walk over 10 minutes counts – whether it's to the shops or walking the dog.- Change 4 Life

Without the aid of baby wearing I would not have been able to make those beautiful memories with my daughter. I may have just about got over with a pram (not that I saw one person attempt it) but I most defiantly would not have been able to take the route I did. It is so easy to become isolated due to the restrictions that transporting children can bring but it does not need to be so. Change 4 Life offer some great tips about getting out with your children, if you don’t want to go alone there are walking groups in almost every area that you could join. In a group or alone, short or long walk, Get out your walking shoes, pack a few nappies, grab a carrier and go!

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