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Easy Feel Ring Sling

Easy feel is a small family company who started by making cloth nappies that were chemical free. They now produce a number of products including cloth sanitary items and of course baby carriers that are within an affordable price range. Their hand made carriers are produced from 100% cotton, the Ring sling is double layered cotton with no join aluminium rings and a wide pleated shoulder with a price point of £25.

I have been using the Ring Sling with my 21 Month old daughter who has been carried from birth, the ring sling is useable for both older and younger children. I personally feel more comfortable with a gathered shoulder over a pleated one but this carrier spread and cupped the shoulder nicely. The fabric is light and very soft, this makes it a perfect option for hotter weather. That said it is completely useable in milder weather too with some thicker clothing and maybe a babywearing blanket or coat.

Putting the carrier on was very easy and adjusted well without slipping. I did have to re position the rings a number of times as they moved down after placing my daughter in the carrier, once positioned correctly they did not dig in. After wearing it for a period of time I did find that it dug in ever so slightly into my shoulder but I don’t think it is uncommon in this kind of thinner fabric. My Sister who is new to baby wearing found it easy to use and was comfortable carrying my daughter who even fell asleep.

My daughter was very comfortable and happy in the ring sling, she even fell asleep. We achieved a good position for her with a deep seat, knee to knee and good pelvic tuck. I would feel confident in her comfort when using this sling. She even had a go at carrying her giraffe in the ring sling and was very proud, I am not sure a good carrying position was achieved for the giraffe but I’m not sure there is much call for giraffe specific carriers.

The quality of the carrier is good and what I would have expected from a handmade sling within this price range. You can see where the stitching was cast off on the wrap but the stitching is straight (photo below). There are points where the fabric’s selvedge edge is visible along the hem (photo below) but neither of these affect the use of the ring sling itself. I am not a fan of the pattern or colour choice’s but this is purely nit picking and my taste will differ to others.

This is a good sling for anyone working to a budget as they sit at the lower end of pricing for a ring sling. With correct adjustment the carrier is comfortable for both the child and the care giver. The cosmetic aspects with the stitching and the selvage are only visible if you go looking for them, there are also a wide variety of colours and patterns available to choose between.

These are purely my opinions and may be different for you.

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