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Acronym Dictionary

Have you been wondering what everyone is talking about on line? I have put together a dictionary to help you along the way

ABC Asian style baby carrier

ABC Action Baby Carrier (brand of carrier)

ADHD Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder

AFAIK As Far As I Know

AF Auntie Flo (slang for period)

AIBU Am I Being Unreasonable

AP Attachment Parenting

AS Asperger's syndrome

ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder

ATM At The Moment

BBS Be Back Soon

BC Before Children

BiS Babies in SpaceBrand of carriers

BF Breast Feed ( can be used as best friend or boyfriend)

BFF Best Friends Forever

BFP Big Fat Positive

BIL Brother In Law

BLW Baby Led Weaning

BM Birth Mother

BNIB Band New In Box

BNIP Brand New In Packaging

boak Vomit Worthy Moment

BP Blood Pressure

BRB Be Right Back

BTW By The Way

Bump A word used in the comments to bring attention to a post

Butterfly baby Surviving baby of a set of twins

BW Baby Wearer

BWCC Back Wrap Cross Carry a type of carry/ wrap style

CBC Cant Be Arsed

CB Chest belt

C&C Colimacon et Cie (a wrap brand)

CC Controlled Crying

CCCB Candy Cain Chest Belt

CD Cycle Day

CF Cystic Fibrosis

CHCC Coolest Hip Cross Carry

CIO Cry It Out

CP Cerebral Palsy/ Chicken Pox/ Chemical Pregnancy

DD Darling Daughter

DDH Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

DGD Darling God/Grand Daughter

DGS Darling God/Grand Son

DH Double Hammock a type of carry/ wrap style

DH Darling Husband

Didy DidymosBrand of wraps/ carrier

DILF Dad I'd Like to F**K

DISO Desperately In Search Of

DLA Disability Living Allowance

DM Diva Milano (Brand)

DP Darling Partner

DRS2S Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder Companiesa type of carry/ wrap style

DS Darling Son/ Downs Syndrome

DSD Darling Step Daughter

DSS Darling Step Son

DTD Doing The Deed/ Darling Twin Daughter

DTS Darling Twin son

DW Darling Wife

EBF Exclusive/ Extended Breast Feeding

ELCS Elective Caesarean

EMCS Emergency Caesarean

ENT Ears Nose and Throat

EP Exclusively Pumping

EUC Excellent Used Condition

FB Full Buckles Carrier with a buckled waist and shoulder straps

FF Formula Feeding/ Forward Facing

FFP Free For Postage

FFS For F**K's Sake

FIL Father In Law

FiSpi Firespiralbrand of carrier/ wrap

FSOT For Sale Or Trade

FWCC Front Wrap cross Carrya type of carry/ wrap style

FWIW For What Its Worth

FYI For Your Information

GILF Granny/Grandad I'd Like to F**K

Gira GirasolBrand of carriers/ Wraps

GUC Good Used Condition

HB Half Buckles Carrier with a buckled waste

HCA Health Care Assistant

HCC Hip Cross Carry

HIH Hope It Helps

Half-JBC Half-Jordan’s Back Carry

HSA Highly Sought After

HTF Hard to Find

HV Health Visitor

IVDSO In Very Desperate Search Of

IEP Individual Education Plan

IIRC If I Remember Correctly

IKWYM I Know What You Mean

IME In My Experience

IMO In my Opinion

IMHO In My Humble Opinion

IKWIM I Know What I Mean

ISIS Infant sleep information source

ISO In search of

IYKWIM If You Know What I Mean

JBC Jordan's Back Carrya type of carry/ wrap style

JBC Jenni Bean Consultancy

JFGI Just F*****g Google It

JPMBB Je Porte Mon BebeBrand of Wraps

KDH Knotless Double Hammock a type of carry/ wrap style

LB Little Boy

LE Limited Edition

Legacy A wrap or carrier with special meaning/ released on a special datea name or pattern that has significance, first one used or one used at a special time

LG Little Girl

LL Lenny LambBrand of carriers/ Wraps

LLL La Leche League Parenting Group

LMP Last Menstrual Period

LO Little One

LOL Laugh Out Loud

LTB Leave The B******D

MAU Medical Assessment Unit

MC Miscarrage

MT Mai Tie Asian-style carrier that is tied

MMC Missed Miss Carriage

MMTI Makes My Teeth Itch

MILF Mum I'd Like to F**K

MIL Mother In Law

MN MumsNet

MNer Mums Net'er

MW MidWife

NAK Nursing At Keyboard

Nati NatibabyBrand of wraps/ carrier

NCT National Childcare TrustParenting Group

NHS National Health Service

NM New Mum


NNS Nearly New Sale

NT Neurologically Typical

NWOC Nanny With Own Child

NWT New With Tags

OH Other Half (partner)

Onbu OnbuhimoAsian-style carrier of Japanese origin

OT Occupational Therapist

OTT Over the Top

OOAK One Of A Kind

OP Original Poster

OPD Out Patient Department

PAN Pass A Note

PDA Public Display of Affection

PFB Precious First Born

PG Pregnant

PGP Pelvic girdle pain

PIL Parents In Law

PITA Pain In The Arse

PM Private Message

PMSL P**S My Self Laughing

POAS P**S On A Stick

Pod PodaegiAsian-style carrier of Korean origin

Pouch Pouch SlingA sling without Rings

POV Point of View

P&P Postage and Packaging

PP Pay Pal/ Postage and Packaging

PPD Postage Paid Domestic or Post Partum Depression

PWCC Pouch Wrap Cross carrya type of carry/ wrap style (normally seen with stretchy wraps)

rainbow baby baby born after miscarriage, still born

RF Rear Facing

RL Real Life

ROFL Roll On the Floor Laughing

RR Reinforced Rucksacka type of carry/ wrap style

RS Ring SlingA length of fabric with a pair of rings sewn into one end

RTFT Read The F*****G Thread

SAHM Stay At Home Mum

SAHD Stay At Home Dad

SAHP Stay At Home Parent

SIDS Sudden infant death syndrome

SPD symphysis pubis dysfunction

SPOC Simple piece of clothFunctions like a woven wrap, but is not produced specifically for the purpose of baby wearing

RR Reinforced Ruck

RRRR – Reinforced Rear Rebozo Ruck

RTAS Ruck Tied At Shoulders a type of carry/ warp style

RTIF Ruck Tied In Fronta type of carry/ wrap style

RTT Ruck Tied Tabetan a type of carry/ wrap style

RUB Ruck tied Under Buma type of carry/ wrap style

Ruck Ruck Carrya type of carry/ wrap style

SALT Speech And Language Therapy

SCABU Special Care Baby Unit

SCC Short Cross Carrya type of carry/ wrap style

SEN Special Educational Needs

SENCO Special Educational Needs Coordinator

SHBC Secured High Back Carry

SIL Sister In Law

SIOB Sharp Intake Of Breath

STIH Soft Tape In Hand

Size 1 2.5 meters long

Size 2 2.7 meters long

Size 3 3.2 meters long

Size 4 3.7 meters long

Size 5 4.2 meters long

size 6 4.7 meters long

size 75.2 meters long

size 86.0 meters long

SN Special Needs

SP Sling Police

SPD Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

SPLD Specific Learning Difficulty

SSC Soft Structured Carrier

SSTC Sold Subject To Collection

STBXH Soon To Be Ex Husband

Stretchy Stretchy Wraplength of Knitted stretchy fabric. They can stretch one(width only) way or two ways (width and length)

SN Sleepy Nico Brand of carriers/ Wraps

SWI SH***G With Intent

SWOI SH***G With Out Intent

TAAT Thread About A Thread

TAS Tied At Shoulder

TBH To Be Honest

TBW The BabyWearer

TCMT Table Cloth Mei Tai

TIA Thanks In Advance

TICKS Tight, In sight, Close enough to Kiss, Keep airways Clear, Supported

TMI Too Much Information

TT Tied Tibetan

TTC Trying To Conceive

TUB Tied Under Bum

UCL Usual Cycle Length

Vat Vatanaibrand of wraps/carrier

VBAC Vagina Birth After Caesarean

VGUC Very Good Used Condition

VHTF Very Hard To Find

WAHM Working At Home Mother

WB Welcome Back

WC Wrap ConversionA custom made carrier

WCFB Wrap Conversion Full Buckles A custom made carrier

WCHB Wrap Conversion Half BucklesA custom made carrier

WCRS Wrap Conversion Ring SlingA Custom made Ring Sling

WOHM Working Out Of Home Mum

WOHP Working Out Of Home Parent

Woven Woven Wrap A Woven length of fabric

WPBC Wriggle-proof Back Carry

WRT With Reference To

WTF What The F**K

WW Woven Wings brand of carrier/ wrap or Woven Wrap

WWYD What Would You Do

XH Ex-husband

XP Ex-Partner

XOXO Hugs and Kisses

XW Ex-Wife

YABU You Are Being Unreasonable

YABOS You Are Being Over Sensitive

YANBU You Are Not Being Unreasonable

YY Yes

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